Dream Bigger, Do Better

On building a community of dreamers and doers

For one and a half decades,
I built epic, purpose-driven creative businesses.
They served the world’s great musical artists.
They transformed business operations at the
world’s largest media companies.

It was here,
at the heart of making imagination better,
where I woke up from the dream.

Instead of creating the life of my dreams,
I’d learned an essential part of what great work,
and making life great is all about:

I learned to live for others.

Living for others filled me with gratitude.
And gratitude gave me no good reason
to look in the rear view mirror,
at the dreams I had yesterday.

Yet, in finding my purpose
in serving the world.
Somewhere along the way
I'd lost my way,

when I stopped living for me.

A life lived, living for others,
with vision of a well-imagined life -- forgotten,
is a life not well-enough lived.

So I started again.

On living.

Yet I didn't look back to yesterday’s dreams,
to help me on living, well.
I started living
for the dreamer I didn't know, today.

I was so out of shape,
I needed to practice.

To live well,
I needed to learn how to dream.

So I applied my imagination,
to dream about making new impact in the world.
Building with vision —
Not just on the outside, in living for others.
On the inside too, in living for me.

In dreaming again, on living, well for the first time,
I started wondering about you…

The creative ones like me,
the dreamers and the doers.

Are you able to dream better,
and remarkably out of practice on living, well?

Are you forgetting to remember
to imagine and live a well-imagined life
for yourself and everyone else?

I dreamed up a dream to find out:

My dream is to inspire you to celebrate your imagination.
And in so doing, remind you to celebrate your life, better.

Big dreams start small.

To start with mine, I'm doing what I do best:
using my imagination to help you and I figure it out.

And, I'm writing about it here.

If you’re inspired to dream bigger and do better, and you’re building your life into a well-imagined adventure, I’d love it if you’d join me in building the adventure here in the City In The Sky.

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