True fearlessness comes from
being in harmony with yourself.

The harmony where you live from
true fearlessness arises from
familiarity with the unknown.

Familiarity with the unknown
arises from exploring
the unknown within you.

In the unknown,
deep within your inner world,
your great adventure is to find
your true fears and make them known.

In finding fearfulness within you,
you become a spirited traveler
of the inner and outer worlds,
with each step you take,
fearlessly finding fearlessness.

3 ideas + 3 questions on fearlessness, from me.

When you walk with the courage to confront and understand your true fears, you discover the journey to uncover them is an inward adventure and reconciliation with self. When you enter your inner world to find and embrace your true fears, a fearlessness arises within you. Some thoughts to accompany you on the journey.

  1. Fearlessness Is Your Guide: Imagine fearlessness is a guide connecting your known and unknown inner worlds. Fearlessness leads you from the safety of the known, deep into the heart of what you have yet to discover in your inner world. With each courageous step you take into the unknown, you are increasingly immersed in the unfamiliar, and become increasingly more willing to explore and grow.

  2. Fearlessness Is Your Metamorphosis. Imagine fearlessness is the great transformer of your true fears. Fearlessness does not resist, reject, ignore, hide or abandon your true fears. Fearlessness understands, embraces, celebrates and transfigures your true fears.

  3. Fearlessness Is Your True Reflection. When you find and face your true fears, you give permission for authenticity, strength and courage to thrive within you. Imagine as you accept and embrace your true fears, fearlessness is the mirror reflecting your true self back to you.

Journey to find your true fears.

  1. Accept Your Fear. Rather than something to be avoided or resisted, if you accept fear is an essential part of living a well-imagined life, how does it change how you view your fears?

  2. Journey with Fearlessness. If you see fearlessness as a part of your journey and not a final destination, how does it change the way you see fear as an essential part of your journey?

  3. Embrace Your Vulnerabilities: What do your vulnerabilities have to do with your true fears and how can embracing them help you in your journey with fearlessness?

3 insights on fearlessness, from others.

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.

The only way to ease our fear and be truly happy is to acknowledge our fear and look deeply at its source

Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.



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